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Youtube Vanity URL

YouTube recently changed its policy for claiming a vanity URL for our channel. Without a vanity URL the only people that see and subscribe are people that stumble on it…not a good strategy so…


You must now meet the following qualifications to claim a vanity URL:

500 or more subscribers
Channel is at least 30 days old
Channel has uploaded a photo for the channel icon
Channel has uploaded channel art

A channel without a vanity URL will receive an unoptimized URL that is not user-friendly or memorable, so it’s very important to work toward getting a vanity URL.


Currently, we do not have a “vanity” URL. This is what our looks like now:


Here’s what we want: an example of a vanity URL:

To do that we need the following:

Get people to leave comments and then respond to those comments, and after they have left a comment then we go back and invite them to subscribe. To do that we need a video content calendar that will entice people to come back more often. That starts with Google AutoFill (most searched). The video content calendar is then based on how people searched for special given keyword phrase. (See attached) and we use those ad titles and in the meta description.


Once we have established the calendar we would then purchase similar keywords to drive people to that video – FROM Google first! Then once we get the vanity URL we can move our ad buying to YouTube. Otherwise, we’ll pay a premium on YouTube with only 3 subscribers.