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The Importance of Having a Versatile Website

For the most part we all make purchases using our smartphones and computers. Even though mobile and desktop websites run on different systems, everything feels like it’s been blended together into online orders. From a consumer’s perspective, the distinction between the two website versions is relatively insignificant. However, companies need to be able to accommodate potential client’s devices and set up their desktop and mobile sites to align with how buyers utilize each version. 


Accommodate Your Audience

User behavior and preferences tend to vary between desktop and mobile usage. By providing consumers with a website that’s compatible with their device, companies can boost their revenue from expanding its potential customer base. The average mobile user is usually looking to make a quick online purchase or wants results based on their location. While consumers typically use desktops when making larger purchases which results in lengthier, more extensive searches. 

Several corporations currently advertise a mobile app to place online orders when you can usually carry out the same action on a desktop. Businesses promote them as mobile apps because they expect the most of their orders to be completed on smartphones. Companies aren’t trying to deceive their customers, they’re simply informing them about a new resource that was designed to appease the majority of their clientele.


Wider Reach

Having both versions eliminates the possibility of a consumer not being able to access a company’s website. It’s impossible for an individual to make a purchase if they can’t visit your website from whatever device they’re using. Considering approximately half of all online traffic is mobile, companies operating exclusively on desktop cut their potential clients by 50%. 

It’s difficult for any business to excel when they start out not being able to reach a large percent of their audience. Nowadays consumers typically have a number of different businesses to choose from when buying a product or service. If someone gets frustrated during the purchasing process, they’ll most likely leave and go see what their competitors have to offer. 


Show Up In More Searches

Providing both website versions also improves a company’s ability to generate more website traffic, which inherently increases their SEO rankings. Google and other search engines typically prioritize mobile-friendly websites in their search results and rankings. Having a webpage that isn’t compatible with certain devices will significantly hurt your search engine visibility. 

Offering mobile versions that adapt to different devices such as Apple and Android can also help a company’s search engine ranking. Text messaging capabilities on mobile devices allows users to share and receive links, which can lead to more website visits.


Next Step

Offering both mobile and desktop versions of your company’s website quickly went from a luxury to a necessity. Consumers no longer have the patience to deal with businesses that lack basic technological capabilities. Discover how Active 8 Marketing can help generate new business with a professionally designed, mobile-friendly, search optimized website by scheduling a 15-minute introductory call here!