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How to Navigate Social Media in 2023

Do you feel like there aren’t enough hours in the day to construct meaningful social media content? Don’t worry you’re not alone. The majority of companies and even personalities outsource their social media needs due to the growth potential it possesses. Effective social media posts take hours of preparation to properly execute. Therefore, working with a digital marketing company is typically easier and more affordable than hiring an in-house team. 

While it helps to have your brand on as many social media platforms as it makes sense, it’s important to focus on the platforms most useful for your business. Let’s break down which industries benefit most from the six prominent social media platforms.



The photo and video sharing social network Instagram is the fifth-most visited website on the planet. Instagram allows consumers to purchase products directly from a business’s profile or post. 

This feature makes the platform ideal for retail and beauty companies. Retail and beauty companies can represent their product more accurately through video content than through traditional print ads. It’s also more cost effective.



According to HubSpot, Facebook, or Meta, was the #1 social media platform utilized by marketers in 2022. In 2015, they introduced “buy and sell groups” to their platform, which evolved into Facebook Marketplace a year later. 

Marketplace is a classified-ad section dedicated to helping individuals and businesses sell items locally online. This feature makes Facebook the perfect platform for real estate and ecommerce companies. With over one billion Marketplace visitors each month and no listing fees, there’s no reason not to take advantage of it.



Twitter is a microblogging and social networking service where users interact through messages known as “tweets.” Since text makes up the majority of the content on the platform, it’s a useful resource for bloggers and journalists. 

Writers can drive traffic to their work by posting links directly to articles or blogs from their Twitter account. Doing so creates an opportunity for their work to get shared or “retweeted” by other users. Twitter is also known for its ability to inform users about global current events in real time. 



TikTok is a short-form video sharing app that allows users to create and share videos up to 10 minutes long. Transformation posts are massive on TikTok. This long-running trend provides interior decorators and fashion professionals with a chance to significantly increase brand awareness.

Interior decorators can demonstrate “before and after” room renovations in video format. Doing so allows them to accentuate the most impressive aspects of their work directly to their target audience. TikTok gives fashion professionals an opportunity to display items in a creative manner.



The video sharing service YouTube allows users to watch, like, share, comment, and upload their own videos. YouTube is the second-most visited site on the web. Long-form video capabilities have created a massive market for fitness/health and travel content on the platform.

Fitness/health professionals use the online space to inform interested viewers on their area of expertise. Various types of trainers and instructors provide users with content that was once only accessible in gyms, studios, and on workout tapes. YouTube also created a space for travel vloggers to put their personality on display while exploring new places. 

YouTube provides their content creators with more advanced analytics than any other social media platform. Therefore, it’s in businesses best interest to upload past videos onto the website to better understand their target audience. 



This is a business-oriented social networking site that enables users to apply for jobs, establish professional relationships, and learn career advancing skills. LinkedIn offers significant networking properties that help users expand their professional presence far beyond other social media platforms.

Not only is the site useful for finding employment, it’s also a powerful recruiting tool. LinkedIn has become particularly valuable to the healthcare industry. The website helps people stay up-to-date on relevant research, industry changes, trends, and upcoming events. 


Shared Capabilities

A notable feature available on these platforms is they grant users the ability to conduct polls. Polling enables companies to conduct their own market research from their target audience in real-time.

Companies with large to moderate online followings have the luxury of being able to inform potentially millions of people through a single post. Smaller companies can experience similar benefits by utilizing digital and pay-per-click ads on each of the previously mentioned platforms. 

As of fall 2022, Twitter boasts the cheapest ad space with an average cost per click being $.38 and the average cost per mille is $6.46. LinkedIn offers the most expensive ad space with an average cost per click coming in at $5.26 and the average cost per mille running $6.59. 

It’s difficult to take advantage of everything social media has to offer while still fulfilling your job responsibilities. However, the benefits associated with using social media are too great to pass up.

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