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How To Cover A Conference On Social Media

When we started your brand voice in 2009, it was a culmination of seeing a need for hotels to be able to attract meetings and events, but it also came from watching groups try to communicate with their attendees while in the hotels. I was able to see many different corporations, associations, nonprofits, charitable groups, religious groups, and sports teams and watch how they engaged with their attendees. I really saw an opportunity not only for the hotel to use digital strategy to showcase the property but also to introduce the sales team (LinkedIn) and the service people that would ultimately make the event happen on social media during events. I showed them that it was equally as important and attractive to the business if the group could leverage social media during events in order to help them grow.

Social Media can be used to communicate to the audience before the event to attract registration and during the event to create onsite excitement or FOMO¬†(fear of missing out) for people who thought about attending but couldn’t pull the trigger for whatever reason. People who see the content will then show interest in the next year. When they show that interest, we pounce! The content that we create during these events works for us months after the show giving our business life all year long.

When Active 8 Marketing was started, it was inspired by so many opportunities both on the hotel side and also on the meeting planner, meeting organizer and producer side. In the very beginning, it was very foreign to go live on social networks at a meeting or event because people were concerned about what would make it online. Was it approved? Can we make 10 edits to the video? Was it apart of the agenda? Does it fit our culture? Could this style of social media put us at risk in some way? Somehow through trust and experience, we’ve been able to demonstrate that when you document and produce conference content in real-time you can achieve many really amazing goals.

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