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Virtual Reality in Real Estate

We all know where the future of technology is heading: Virtual Reality. Real Estate is one of the top industries where virtual reality will soon be not a novelty, but a necessity. Nearly every agent will tell you that real estate marketing has moved online, but it’s no longer just about photo and video. It’s about an immersive experience that allows the potential buyer to visualize the true potential of the space. Whether commercial or residential, real estate and virtual content will become an inseparable combination, it is only a matter of time.

Here at I Active 8 Marketing we’re keeping up. In fact, we’re ahead.

Imagine an incredibly successful open house with no one ever stepping foot onto the property. A couple in Utah can explore a potential vacation home in Orlando, Florida without crossing state lines and an entrepreneur can tour a space from 2000 miles away. Well, they can. And here’s how:

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