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Video Marketing Simplified

People typically think of television commercials whenever they hear the phrase video marketing. However, modern video marketing strategies have equipped businesses with a number of new forms and benefits. Companies and marketing agencies can now also create content comparable to a full-scale production at a fraction of the cost.

Cheaper to Produce

The equipment and software needed to produce marketing videos is considerably less expensive than it was in the past. Videos no longer require an extensive crew to bring a concept to fruition. Nowadays, all companies need to make an ad is a videographer, editor, copywriter, and a few camera-ready employees. 

Can Improve SEO

The average internet user spends 88% more time on web pages that have video than ones that don’t. The amount of time a visitor stays on a website plays a significant role in a brand’s search engine rankings. When someone’s interested in a brand, they’ll typically stay on their page until all their questions have been answered. 

Educate Your Viewers

Videos provide companies with an opportunity to inform consumers about the intricacies of a product or service. 

Before the internet, businesses only had 15-60 seconds to get their message across. Plus, the longer an ad was, the more expensive it would be to run. Now, companies can take as much time as they need to properly inform consumers at no additional cost. 

Multiple Strategies

Brands also have a number of different video marketing strategies they can utilize.

  1. Social Media allows businesses to inform consumers about products, services, and discounts by uploading videos onto various social media platforms. YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and TikTok allow purchasers to provide businesses with feedback on the content in their videos.

  2. Landing Pages are standalone web pages created for a specific marketing campaign. Landing page videos provide viewers with important information about a company or what they’re selling. Videos on landing pages have the ability to increase conversions by 80%.

  3. Website videos give consumers a more detailed idea of what a company is all about. They allow brands to demo their products, explain why their services are superior to their competitors, or display an endearing personality that resonates with their target audience.

  4. Branded Content is when a business hires an unaffiliated spokesperson to talk about a product or service in a positive manner. The marketing material is designed to improve awareness of a company by developing an ad that’s consistent with their core values.

  5. Testimonials are essentially when a satisfied customer voluntarily makes a branded-content video for free. Testimonials are a great tool for instilling confidence in a buyer’s purchasing decisions. 


Easy to Send Around

Another benefit of using video to market a product or service is they are highly shareable. When a consumer comes across an entertaining or impressive ad, they feel compelled to share it with people. Video marketing content has a higher chance of being shared organically by people than most other advertising methods.

Being able to upload marketing videos onto multiple platforms increases the odds an ad will be seen by new people. There’s not a lot of benefit from showing the same group of people the same ad over and over.

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