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The Top 9 Things You Should Incorporate Into Your Next Trade Show or Exhibit.

1. Data Capture

First and foremost you need to collect data, but you need to use a couple of very important ideas that are a little bit more advanced than your normal email registration. A great way method of doing this is as attendees enter your event, use staffed personnel and iPads to ensure that you collect all the necessary information and the option requirements before someone is allowed to enter the exhibit or event area.

2. Charging Stations

Let’s face it, were in a digital world. Everybody’s buried in their cell phone and for some strange reason, the minute you get onsite at an event it seems like your phone runs out of battery faster than normal.¬† Nothing is worse as an attendee than not having battery power.¬† Make sure your attendees are able to stay charged while attending your event or exhibit so they can always snap and share their participation and engage in your hashtags.

3. Branded signage

Let’s take it back to the old school strategy; branded signage. Put these in as many places that it makes sense! Your logo, your partner’s logos, and your official event hashtag are what you should focus on. Make sure that your staff and team are familiar with the hashtag so they can assist people with encouragement to use all of the engagement opportunities that are available with that hashtag.

4. Open bar

Some may argue that this is the number one importance but I actually listed these in order of how a prospective attendee might engage with them. So after we’ve collected the data, we’ve made sure that our attendees phones are charged, and we’ve splashed branded signage with our logo and hashtag, it’s time to hit the bar! Make sure you don’t go cheap on this. Nothing is worse than attending an event with a bar and finding out it doesn’t have what you want.

5. Comfortable seating

Do not take for granted that you’re going to sell out your area and that you’re going to need to accommodate comfortable seating in areas for networking. Work with your event designer to provide a variety of ample seating in different areas of the room. Don’t forget the branding if possible.


6. Advanced tech: augmented reality / Virtual Reality 

People can only network for so long and some of the younger generations are not comfortable as their predecessor with face to face interactions. So breaking the ice with some form of advanced technology such as virtual reality, augmented reality or some type of hands-on activity is a really good way of giving everyone the opportunity to get settled into the booth or exhibit area. This also keeps people involved! It’s proven that people who use their hands are able to learn more and be open to new ideas. it’s a great combination that should not be overlooked.

7. Photo booth

These photo booths are now commonplace but the level of quality varies. A photo booth is critical especially if you have a wonderful view or a branded paparazzi board screen so that users can take a quick photo an easily share it with their social networks. Please beware; if this tool is cheap and doesn’t work, your users will not only not use it, but they’ll have a negative impression of your event management skills.

8. Branded RFID

Branded RFID or NFC bracelets are a fantastic way of delivering your logo, providing a unique experience easily giving an attendee something in exchange for their data. Creating high visibility and functionality for things like admission, drink tickets or food lines creates a high level of appreciation for your event because of the happy guests you will find you have.

9. Survey

Although it’s listed last, the survey is probably the most important! This is your opportunity to ask your attendees for their feedback on the event. This is a time to ask for honest feedback which is a great opportunity to do research for next year’s event. You can do this by asking important questions about what people liked or disliked, and is also an opportunity to ask for testimonials. It all starts with a simple survey that must be executed quickly, either at the event or shortly thereafter. if you’re going to do the survey in person, strongly consider having staff personally walk people through the survey.