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Five Benefits to Using Social Media Video Marketing

Awareness is a crucial element when it comes to the success of an event. The best way to get consumers interested in attending an event is by showing them what they’re missing out on. This can be accomplished through the utilization of social media video marketing. 


Capturing the most appealing aspects of an event and then broadcasting them on multiple social media platforms is an effective method for increasing interest and excitement around an event. Social media video marketing is inexpensive and comes equipped with the ability for posts to be shared organically by interested users. Plus, when people like or repost a video for an event, it helps produce high-quality data in real-time. 


With the countless benefits incorporated with social media video marketing, why aren’t more companies taking advantage of it? Let’s look at more of the benefits.


1) Social media marketing videos help drive engagement and indirect involvement from consumers. Knowing this, it’s strange to see that according to G2, only 17% of companies incorporate videos into their social media marketing strategy. Event MB even claims 65% of event professionals use video as their lead marketing tool. This means most companies already possess video marketing content, but for some reason, they haven’t thought to post it on their social media accounts. Low quality video content may be responsible for companies not posting their past videos. If businesses knew the benefits of posting their videos, they would invest substantially more resources into the medium. 


2) Videos placed on landing pages can improve conversion rates up to 86% compared to text-only pages. Videos can also lead directly to sales. Wyzowl claims 74% of users who watched an explanation or demonstration video about a product or service subsequently purchased it. If a company sells a product, they should undoubtedly have an online video presentation showing how it functions, especially since consumers absorb information from videos at drastically higher levels than they do text. 


3) Video production tools are constantly improving and becoming more affordable, making them more appealing to marketers. In fact, 87% of video marketers are satisfied with the return on investment of their social media video marketing efforts. 


4) Promotional videos and product demonstrations can also help establish trust between companies and consumers. Consumers can be skeptical when it comes to purchasing products or services off the internet, because they fear the claims regarding it may be fraudulent or misleading. Product videos help develop credibility between consumers and companies. When a business takes the initiative to create and post a video online, it demonstrates to consumers that they have nothing to hide. 


When a video resonates with a consumer, they feel compelled to share it with their acquaintances. However, in a social media context, video marketers must keep in mind that people share things based on emotion, not facts. More than 75% of social media users say they would share a branded video if it was entertaining. If a company wants a video to be shared by its target audience, it needs to be as entertaining as it is informative. Although there are benefits to having any video, regardless of its quality, connected to a website or social media page.


5) Companies are more likely to show up first on Google if they have a video embedded on their website. Since Google acquired YouTube, there has been a significant increase in how much videos affect search engine rank. In other words, any video is better than no video when it comes to increasing exposure. 


There are overwhelming levels of data behind the reasons why all commerce should implement social media marketing videos. Companies are more likely to experience future success the sooner they embrace the strategy. With video production tools being more affordable and readily available than ever, there’s no reason for businesses to not be utilizing social media video marketing.