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Carpet Bomb

Here is my explanation of our local marketing Carpet Bomb technique.

CARPET BOMBING – a term used for local Facebook marketers.
This is a local marketing technique. Typically, a radius or zip code based audience. Where many local FB marketers go wrong is that they try to hyper-target within a small audience. The normal result is high CPM (cost per impression), CPA (cost per action). Why?, no room for FB to give you any reach!

CARPET BOMBING is just the opposite, the only targeting in the GEO (geographic target) is age ranges and/or gender or both. This is accomplished by using inexpensive video ads to build an audience and build the brand. You will find that it is cheaper to do this than to hyper-target small audiences.

The primary purpose is to build an audience that is potentially interested in your offer. Those that have viewed 75% or more of your videos may be a great audience for your laser-guided missile campaign later.

The key is to have a great video that promotes the brand and has a CTA at the end to capture any takers during the cold marketing phase. A terrible video is not the answer, though slideshows can be very effective.

What do I do now? Create a CA (call to action) campaign to the 75% + video viewers. TARGET BOMB (laser-guided missiles) them with massive offers to bring the desired results to the local business. This can be any number of ad types and go to all types of landing pages– click to call, get a coupon, obtain a free estimate, etc… The final landing page and an offer are key to get some good response rates.

Bryan Bruce
Active 8 Marketing