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6 Tips for Better Mobile Video

In 2017, if you aren’t utilizing mobile video, you’re missing a huge market. Worse yet is if you’re spending your marketing dollars on mobile video that isn’t optimized for the platforms you’re advertising in. Here are 6 tips to get it right.

Video works best on mobile when it’s short and made with mobile in mind.

– Recent studies have proved that creating short videos of 15 seconds or less can significantly drive up video completions. – If you want people to watch to the end of your video, it’s best to make it 15 seconds or less.

Here are 5 more tips on how you can make your video work better on mobile:

1. Capture attention quickly by starting with the most compelling parts of your video.

The newsfeed is a search for “shiny objects” users are looking for content that interest them in a split second. Make sure your thumbnail and first few frames are the most visually compelling.


2. Make your video more visually engaging by using a format unique to mobile, such as a vertical or square video.

*This one can get a little technical so you’ll want to forward it to your video producer* Make certain your video is exported in the proper aspect and dimension. From the iPhone 5 onward, Apple boasts a 16:9 screen, and most android/google phones already had a 16:9 screen by that point. So, to export a vertical video, you would want it to be 9:16. So for 1080p (1080X1920) the highest quality vertical video you may output is 720 Horizontal by 1280 vertical. And for 720p (720X1280) the highest quality vertical video you may output is 576 horizontal by 1024 vertical. Use H.264 and .mp4 settings as these look great on the app. Use a matte and save it as a preset for future videos.


3. Make sure your brand or product appears early in the video, such as the first few seconds.

The attention-span of the average Facebook user is quickly diminishing. You have 2 seconds to grab their attention and 15 to keep it.


4. When reusing existing videos, edit them so that your product or brand message is prominently featured early within the first 15 seconds.

Most of the time, it’s less than that before they keep scrolling so feature your main message within the first 15 seconds to maximize exposure.


5. Use captions so people can watch your video with the sound off.

According to many of Facebook’s top video influencers, as much as 85% of videos are watched without sound. The best way to accomplish this is with clear, easy-to-read captions.

Here’s an example of an optimized video we delivered for once of our clients, NUCO, a line of natural coconut products.

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